Cutting Edge Technology

Where Modern Technology Meets Exceptional Treatment

Dr. Le’s office is equipped with the latest technology for accuracy, efficiency and comfort. This includes:

3D imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning

A 3D CT scanner captures detailed images of your teeth, nerves, bone and sinuses for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

A guided surgery system for dental implant placement

The X-Guide® displays 3D images of your mouth during surgery and helps guide the placement of the implant.

Dental design software

Crowns, bridges and veneers are designed using special software with the impressions created from the digital dental scanner.

Waterlase Express Laser

Waterlase Express lasers allow us to perform multiple important dental procedures such as anesthetic free fillings, gingivectomy, gingival recontouring, hard and soft tissue crown lengthening, lesion removal, frenectomies, de-pigmentation, and much more.

A digital scanner for impressions

Instead of using uncomfortable, goopy impression material, Dr. Le uses a scanner to quickly and easily capture detailed impressions of your teeth. The impressions are used to create restorations such as crowns, bridges, or veneers.

An in-house milling unit for one-visit crowns, bridges and veneers

Dr. Le can fabricate your new crown, bridge or veneers in as little as one hour with her CEREC system. You won’t have to return for a second visit.

Soft tissue laser

The soft tissue laser provides efficient, precise, and comfortable gum treatment.

Soft Tissue Treatment- Periodontal Bacterial Reduction Therapy; Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment.

Teeth Whitening- Get your teeth up to 6 shades whiter in just 60 minutes with less sensitivity than other in-office treatments.

Pain Therapy- We can relieve minor pains and TMJ-related conditions using laser deep tissue therapy, as well as relief from canker and cold sores.

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

OPMI® pico from ZEISS, the most frequently sold ZEISS surgical microscope worldwide, is the trusted choice among doctors. It makes details and fine structures clearly visible. ZEISS OPMI pico enables you to better visualize regions of interest and consistently provide your patients with high-quality examinations and treatments.